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The Keong Experience is designed to help you make the most of your precious time, whether that be relaxing by the pool, scoring an amazing early session on a new swell, or having a lay day with the family. 

We have an incredible Argentinian Chef, Maria Pinero, trained in Spain whose creativity and cuisine is like nothing else on the island. She was featured as one of the best meals on Rote Island by Lonely Planet. On the other hand, if you want to eat out there are restaurants within a short walk. Each Keong also has it's own kitchen if you'd prefer to eat in. If you would like to know more about Keong Cusine click here.

Our packages are designed with flexibility in mind so that you can pick and choose the experience that is a perfect fit for you. 

Learn all you need to know about how to get to us here in Travel Info

Keong is the Indonesian word for "shell".  The entire Keong Villa experience has been designed around taking inspiration from the beautiful curves in our wonderful area and turning them into a sense of flow. 

Like those curves, each villa has unique, beautiful, natural living and breathing spaces, that you'll remember long after your stay. The Keong Villas are designed to capture the breeze, which provides a natural airflow that a typical "box" style of accommodation simply cannot do. 


Keong Villas provide the perfect balance of privacy and open space, all underpinned by state of the art infrastructure that this part of the archipelago has never seen before. 

Learn more about our Architecture and Design here.

Keong Swirl 2.png


Keong Swirl 2.png

The waves on and around Rote need little introduction. From the famous long left-hander on Besialu reef (Or also known as T-Land) to the long whackable walls of Boa, and the tubes of Sucky Mama's there is just about always extremely high-quality waves on offer to suit all abilities. 

For beginners, we have fun waves at Squealers and the Bombie, and a whole range of reefs and reef passes if SUP or foiling is your thing. 

We also realize time is precious so we work on your time, not ours. Our shuttle boats are on-demand so you and your friends or family can surf on your schedule, and pick the tides and winds you prefer. 

The team at Keong Villas have a combined 35 years of experience in this area. They know every nook and cranny and have seen each and every spot on its a day (as well as not so much). If you would prefer to sit back and let our team put you in the spot, we can do that too.  Keong is all about flow after all. 

Learn more about our waves here.

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