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Our Art

Simply the best on Rote.

Discerning global food worshipers take notice. You may not always recall your best cutback at Nembrala; however, you will never forget the cuisine.

Your menu is designed and prepared by Maria Pinero, our Spanish, and Argentine trained chef and her team.


Maria sources a wide range of market-fresh ingredients including a rich variety of fresh-caught sashimi quality fish and seafood, local fowl, pork, etc.

Healthy, organic and homemade, this is not your traditional Indonesian surf trip experience. Each day provides a new opportunity to sample Maria’s gourmet South American, Mediterranean and Asian fusion dishes. Local ethnic flavors complement the high-end culinary execution of each dish, leading the consumer counting the minutes until the next meal.


With international culinary education, Maria’s expertise brings high-end cuisine and local dishes together.

Herbs and spices from surrounding islands and faraway continents alike, the unique culinary experience at Keong Villas will be sure to satisfy both the athlete and the foodie.


Come to stay with us and taste the reasons people keep coming back to us, year after year. Some of Maria’s signature dishes include Thai Ceviche, Shredded Coconut Fish, Seafood Tacos, Spanish Paella, Poached Papaya Ikan, and the most important component of all: marinated tuna cooked to order.


If your sweet tooth rules your world you will enjoy our nightly dessert including Green Papaya Crumble, Dulce de Leche Ganache, Chocolate coconut truffles, and Cacao pudding.


Years pass and we find the same visitors at our table, raving and ranting about a fish feast they years prior, only to hear the same raving the next year. Come to not only enjoy the pumping surf but to nourish yourself with delicious and healthy meals from our internationally trained chef. You are in for a treat.


What to expect



Cereals and homemade granola. Coconut and fruit juice. Tropical fruits and yogurt. Pancakes with local Lontar palm honey. Toast with cheese, butter, peanut butter, or homemade fruit jam. Scrambled eggs, omelets, fried eggs, cheese, and tomatoes. Tea, coffee, milk and homemade muffins are available throughout the day to keep you going



Enjoy a varying buffet of roasted fish, Indonesian inspired tapas, a variety of rice and salads, and much more. Our chef combines fresh seafood and a refreshing variety of salads to fuel your next surf session.



Three courses are carefully crafted using the freshest ingredients. You can enjoy anything from Argentine Barbecue over an open fire, Italian dishes, Mexican night, sashimi fresh from the ocean, and calamari curries. International dishes span the horizon and special deserts finish it all off.