Keong Villas
Keong Villas

Keong Villas, Rote Indonesia

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Keong Villas
Keong Villas

Keong Villa Bathroom, Keong Villas, Rote Island, Indonesia.

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Keong Villas
Keong Villas

Keong Villas, Rote Indonesia

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The Architect:

Originally from Guatemala and lifetime inspired by vernacular architecture and nature, Carlos is a Young Architect (38) who traveled the world for about 10 years, exploring and picking details of architecture and life among many others, until finding Indonesia as a home for the last 8 years.


The Project:

The Keong! The name says it all, the units are inspired on the shell of Nautilus, with a fusion of traditional Indonesian finest architecture and the modern western needs and solutions. The complex is designed to enhance the air circulation for the quality and health of space, for the smooth enjoying of Rote island.


Keong Swirl 2.png

The Chambered Nautilus 

The main inspiration behind the Keong design came from this beautiful curvature exemplified in the shell of the chambered nautilus. These elegant curves guided our ideology of flowing in and around nature to create a sense of unmatched unity. This is the reason we took the extra time and effort to take a route that is not the easiest, but the satisfaction of a truly unique sustainable reliable living space creates its own reward. There is nothing else like Keong anywhere in Indonesia. 



Keong’s come complete with a water softener which will keep you from having to soak those shower heads in vinegar every time you visit your beach house. 

Water pressure is one of the biggest challenges here in Indonesia, but the team here at Keong pride ourselves as innovators and pioneers into a new era of sustainable development setting the example of what is possible.

Once you take that well-pressured piping hot shower of yours, set your eco-friendly mind at ease. 

Our water drainage system was made to optimize grey and black waters, to feed and water the plants all throughout the property. 


Greywater you say?! But won’t that hurt the plants? 

Keong’s also come complete with an Ipal unit that treats greasy toxic oily grey waters to protect those precious plants of ours. 

Power to the plants. 

Looking for a refreshing dip?

The pool is something you don’t want to skip.

Our double pump filter system ensures a crystal clean pristine swimming scene. 

Best in show, and best inflow. 


Then our next element design will leave comfort in mind.

This unique build channels the breeze so you can tackle the heat with ease. 

Stylish and efficient sirap roofs create a natural air conditioning that brings that flow through to you. 

Looking for unnatural good old man made air conditioning? 

Well, we have that too, and it’s backed by its own personal transformer. 

So you will always have the power to generate the comfort you deserve. 


Our generator is prepared to handle anything we throw at it. We focused attention on power, because if you have ever visited Indonesia, then you know this is a very common problem to encounter. Overloading circuits is something we have proofed on our Keongs.  


Each Keong has its own septic tank, that filters in an feeds the plants throughout the property. Something of which the Indonesian Island has never seen before. These septic tanks are paired to use bacterias to naturally remove waste and fertilize and replenish the soil in the property. 

Keong also believes in responsible waste management and disposes of all organic waste appropriately.  

Keong was designed with a sustainable flow in mind.

Let’s give you even more reason to step out of the box, and into the flow.

Get in touch now, watch your money grow. 

Keong’s all you need to know. 

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